The Stampscapes® Scenic Sentiment Sheets

The Scenic Sentiments rubber sheets are packed full of words, sayings, and quotes with scenic, seasonal, spiritual, inspirational, philosophical, and environmental angles. These have been, especially, chosen to accompany the scenes of the scenic stamping card maker. Use them on the scenes themselves, on envelopes, or in the interior of the cards. Some of the sheets have stamping credits for the back of your cards where you can put your mark. When I started on this project, it occurred to me that I should have done this a long time ago. I found these inspirational quotes and observations to be very evocative. Upon researching, reading, and selecting these sayings I was trying to decide what would go well with the types of scenes that I had done. After a short while I found that, in reading these words, they were conjuring up scenes that I've never done and inspiring the creative process. What became the measuring stick for what was chosen was how evocative the sayings were when read and how I imagined a scene could be inspired and "wrapped around" these powerful words. I hope you enjoy the selection. ~Kevin N

Below are thumbnails of 5.5" x 8.5" sheets. Rubber Sheets are detailed and deeply etched 100% red rubber. Click thumb for full sized pop up frames. Sheets are available in unmounted/untrimmed sheets or cling foam mounted/trimmed. No wood mounted stamps available at this time. 109 stamps in all.
Sentiments sheet 1
Sentiments Sheet 1

Sentiments sheet 2
Sentiments Sheet 2

Sentiments sheet 3
Sentiments Sheet 3

Sentiments sheet 4
Sentiments Sheet 4

Sentiments sheet 19
Sentiments Sheet 5

Nature as Teacher
Sentiments sheet 20
Sentiments Sheet 6

Sentiments sheet 21
Sentiments Sheet 7